There is always something happening at Stardoll Magazine, so to keep things running smoothly we need lots of staff! From journalists to graphic designers to heads of department - we always have a job that need to be done. If you would like to work at Stardoll Magazine, and earn stardollars for it too, check out this list of Stardoll Magazine stardollar paid jobs! You can also take a look at the Stardoll Magazine staff structure to help you get a better understanding of the relationship between different members of staff, or to see the great jobs and positions you can work your way up to! As a member of the Stardoll Magazine staff, you get access to amazing perks, raises, promotions and gifts - you could even have your very own assistant!

The Stardoll Magazine staff are always up for making new friends so always feel free to add us on Stardoll at any time - we’ve introduced ourselves below.

CEO & Editor in Chief of Stardoll Magazine - nikita_amy



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Hey everyone! My name is Nikita, I’m 25, and I’m from Brisbane, Australia. I do lots of fun stuff around here when I actually decide to come online including website building, content creating, radio hosting, article writing, not gifting my members or employees, blog posting, and a whole lot more! My “job” is to coordinate and manage the entire Stardoll Magazine staff, as well as boss people around & ensure that every issue of Stardoll Magazine is kinda up to standard. I also teach and convene the courses at SDMCollege, too! I’m in charge of telling people what to do with everything you see at Stardoll Magazine so if you have any questions, issues, or feedback, I would love to hear from you!

Art & Design Department Head - ChicTaylor1989

Hi! I'm Rachel, I'm 13 and I'm from Hong Kong. I work as the Art & Design Department Head and as a graphic designer for Stardoll Magazine. I manage the visuals for all aspects of the magazine and website, as well as manage the graphic designer team! Additionally, I manage the Fashion & Styling, Beauty, and Lifestyle & Interior Design Section Heads, ensuring that content within the department is submitted on time and up to standard. Add me on Stardoll at any time - I would absolutely love to hear from you!

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