SDMCollege was founded in 2011 by stylist, publicist & communications expert Nikita Amy, or nikita_amy, on Stardoll. The college is completely free but could land you a paid job at Stardoll Magazine - the world's most famous digital magazine about all things Stardoll!


Study with us

All of the diplomas at SDMCollege will teach you real world knowledge on a range of topics including fashion, blogging & design, however each diploma comes with a specific career outcome for Stardoll Magazine. The diplomas are taught entirely within the SDMCollege club in conjunction with your Stardoll album.

If you would like to study a diploma at SDMCollege then please download the SDMCollege Student Handbook below & join the Stardoll club SDMOfficial for updates on enrolment periods.

To be eligible for enrolment you will need the secret enrolment password. This password is available in the SDMCollege Student Handbook so it is important to ensure you have downloaded & read it.