Win 200 Stardollars!

Imagine waking up one morning to find that you’ve won yourself 200 stardollars for absolutely free! At Stardoll Magazine we love to give back to our community as much as we can, and we try to create fun and interesting new ways of doing it - which is why we’ve created the Stardollar Lottery!

For us to be able to host the lottery though, we are in desperate need of community support! For a list of ways to support Stardoll Magazine, join SDMOfficial and find the relevant thread. We can’t host these lotteries without your help!

There’s a current countdown on the Stardollar Lottery page so you can see how much time is left for us to reach our community goal - if we reach it in time, we’ll host the first ever lottery where we’ll give away 200 stardollars!

We’re currently hosting a 300 starcoin lottery while we wait for the support to roll in, so you can get your FREE ticket for that right now - we’ll be drawing the winning numbers really soon so get in quick on the Stardoll Magazine Stardollar Lottery page!