Stardoll Magazine Publicist - The Easiest Job in the World

We get asked the same question a lot here at Stardoll Magazine: “I don’t have a diploma from SDMCollege, are there any jobs I can do and still get paid for?” The answer is yes - become a publicist!

There are multiple ways to earn stardollars through a stardollar paid job at Stardoll Magazine, however for the higher paying positions, you often need a diploma from SDMCollege. Stardoll Magazine College is entirely free to attend, although sometimes you get a little impatient and want to earn money straight away, right? Well that’s where the publicist position comes in!

As a Stardoll Magazine publicist, you can choose how much you want to work and you don’t need a diploma to do it! You can just post an ad to your presentation and leave it there - racking up a cool 5 stardollars per week - or you can promote the club, magazine and website to earn extra stardollars. This job is truly flexible.

If you want to try your hand at publicity, head to the Stardollar Paid Jobs tab on the Stardoll Magazine website and fill out the form to apply!