Graphic Designers Needed

We have tons of opportunities for dolls to earn stardollars at Stardoll Magazine and we love adding new members to the team whenever we can! Right now, we have a very specific need for graphic designers to help as create beautiful visuals for Stardoll Magazine, the website, and the Stardoll Magazine social media platforms.

Graphic designers play a huge part at Stardoll Magazine, and they certainly deserve to be rewarded for it too so we’ve decided to make the pay for graphic designers entirely negotiable - you can set the price!

Stardoll Magazine graphic designers also have the option to be paid in stardollars or with real money sent straight to their PayPal accounts! If you would love to join the team as a Stardoll Magazine graphic designer, we would definitely like to hear from you!

Head to the Stardollar Paid Jobs page and fill out the job application form - we look forward to seeing your amazing creations!