Earn Stardollars at Stardoll Magazine!

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Do you sometimes see a beautiful dress or a gorgeous pair of shoes but you find yourself a few stardollars short? Start working at Stardoll Magazine to earn stardollars that you can spend in the StarPlaza or StarBazaar!

Working at Stardoll Magazine can be loads of fun and you get to experience all of the behind-the-scenes excitement, as well as access to amazing perks such as having your own assistant, receiving free gifts, invites to exclusive parties, and so much more!

There are positions in a range of areas including journalism, social media, radio hosting and graphic design. You can even run your very own department where you are in charge of hiring and managing the perfect staff to get the job done. You can work your way up the ranks to higher level positions and even earn yourself a promotion or raise!

Jobs at Stardoll Magazine are open to everyone but for some positions you will need a diploma from SDMCollege. This is to ensure that all staff have the basic required knowledge to keep the magazine running smoothly with high quality content. If you don’t have a diploma from SDMCollege, don’t panic. There are new semesters of SDMCollege regularly and there are some jobs that you can do in the meantime.

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