3rd Annual SDM Awards Prize Pool Announced

It has been a long wait to the lead up of the 3rd Annual SDM Awards, and while the commencement date has not yet been announced, it is time to reveal a few details about the amazing prizes on offer. Not every piece of information can be revealed right now but there are some exciting bits of news that you will want to know about ASAP.

It can be confirmed that there will be a prize of stardollars for the winner to spend however they choose - from most wanted to wigs to intriguing interior pieces - spend that hard-earned coin.


Another guarantee for the victorious winner is that they will be going home with at least one Limited Edition dress - rumours are swirling that the winner gets to choose which dress but this is unconfirmed.

It can be confirmed that some form of designer jewellery or accessory will be another piece of the SDM Awards winner prize pool.

The prize that keeps on giving - a highly coveted spot in the SDMModels agency. As long as you are signed to the agency you can keep raking in those stardollars.

You have just beat out some of the most gorgeous and popular dolls in the public arena, earned yourself a full feature article and a four page spread in Stardoll Magazine. It will be a while before anyone forgets you or your name - soak up the glory while it lasts!

This item cannot be revealed - can you guess what it might be? Here is a clue: it will set you a part from the rest.